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Royal Caribbean Cruises needed to cement its position as the indisputable leader in innovation, at a time when its competitive set was trying to make the same bold claim.  We set out to deliver proof on Royal Caribbean’s technology promise, by inspiring the media, trade, financial community, strategic partners and employees to carry Royal Carribean’s story forward. We needed to capture their imaginations by immersing them with what’s coming to cruises tomorrow, and what’s on the horizon further out, as Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity and Azamara continue to transform the travel industry through game-changing innovation.


In order to create belief in the fact that Royal Caribbean’s innovations will transform the cruise experience of the future, storytelling from a stage wasn’t enough for these jaded audiences. Only a storydoing experience would move their hearts, so that we could change their minds. The audience would need to actually see, feel, interact and experience these innovations first hand to really grasp the groundbreaking potential these technologies could have on the future of the cruising industry.

royal caribbean sea beyond


We invited our highly influential audiences to Sea Beyond, which manifested as both a digitally-driven experience and an untethered imagination of what’s new, what’s next and what’s never been done before.

The entire story was told from the customer perspective and each interaction, entertainment module and interactive engagement showcased the actual technologies customers would see and experience on-board. We showed our attendees that Royal Caribbean, in preparation for the next generation of traveler, was creating a new generation experience.

royal caribbean sea beyond


We invited press, trade, the financial community, strategic partners and employees to a digitally-driven journey that reflected and highlighted the innovations actual customers would experience on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Attendees arrived at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and were transported to the Duggal Greenhouse via an autonomous shuttle. Upon entry they walked through a “frictionless” boarding process as facial recognition technology welcomed each attendee by name. Our guests then utilized the location-based “drinks anywhere” feature of their on-board mobile app, where the cocktail of their choice followed them wherever they went.

What followed was a technology and innovation extravaganza focused on what’s today, tomorrow and a distant dream. Additional attendee experience highlights included:

  • Virtual reality dining, where attendees became part of various destinations and devoured surprise augmented reality bites of never-been-tasted-before food innovations.
  • Six robotic LED screens independently moved, spun and danced to create an incredible choreographed masterpiece of imagery and sound.
  • A dramatic over-head projection experience that brought attendees underwater, looking up at the underside of a ship as it demonstrated a new sustainability-focused under-hull innovation.
  • Virtual realtiy vacation shore excursions visits.
  • Augmented reality boardwalk carnival games.
  • A bold vision of the stateroom of the digitized and screen-ified future, where every surface in the room (including the floor) could be transformed into a digital view of the outside world.

royal caribbean sea beyond


520Mearned media impressions
506Kinfluencer impressions
6Xinfluencer engagement industry benchmarks

Attendees excitedly accepted the invitation to Sea Beyond and left the experience, ready to share the amazing breadth of Royal Caribbean’s technology DNA and leadership position with their audiences.

  • 520 Million total impressions
  • 506K social impressions via influencers
  • 1,087 media placements
  • 6X higher tech influencer engagement rate vs industry benchmark

royal caribbean sea beyond