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Sponsorship marketing services

At Jack, we believe that sponsorships are platforms for proving a brand’s promise through a person or property that people are passionate about. Sponsorships are no longer just about generating impressions; they are about making lasting connections – with fans.

Today, many of those relationships have been disrupted and brands need to unravel the sponsorships that no longer make sense or find new opportunities that better align with their purpose. We help brands make informed decisions before, during, and at the renewal or exit of a sponsorship. It’s a consultative approach that goes beyond activation. We look at the entire sponsorship picture – identifying, evaluating, negotiating, managing, measuring, optimizing and activating. All while mapping out where the most valuable brand-to-fan connections can be made.

For details on our POV on Sponsorship Marketing ROI, download our FREE white paper, Maximizing sponsorship ROI through proof of brand promise.

Our experience:

With almost 500 sponsorship contracts evaluated, negotiated and managed annually, and more than 200 staff members solving client challenges, we consider ourselves pros in the sponsorship marketing landscape.

We also execute 6,500 sponsorship-based activation days per year and are actively managing over 50 client sponsorships with major sports leagues and teams, and dozens of music, entertainment and cultural partnerships.

Please note: We do not offer sponsorship sales or sponsor recruitment services at this time.

sponsorship marketing

Our sponsorship marketing services:

  • Sponsorship Consulting
  • Sponsorship Portfolio Planning
  • Sponsorship Talent
  • Sponsorship Management
  • Sponsorship Activation
  • Sponsorship Measurement and Analytics

A brief sample of the types of sponsorship Marketing programs we work on:

  • MLB
  • MiLB
  • NCAA
  • NFL
  • MLS
  • EPL
  • IndyCar
  • NHRA
  • IMSA
  • Music festivals
  • Music tours
  • Branded entertainment
  • Philanthropic partnerships
  • Cultural events
  • eSports

Sponsorship marketing