Employee experience

Hearts, minds and the bottom line

Employee experience

Today’s businesses must retool and reassess how they operate – to be faster, more flexible, more empathetic, more responsive. To be successful, they need engaged and empowered workforces. This is what Jack’s employee experience offering delivers.

We believe that employees should be treated and spoken to like consumers. This means not communicating to them, but with them. Because when treated as an engaged entity, employees display higher loyalty and retention. They are more innovative and more purpose-driven. And their behaviors directly impact how the brand is portrayed in a changing world.

Our employee experience is designed to deliver proof on a brand’s promise – aligning employees and partners so they can better represent the brand, and ultimately be advocates for its corporate citizenship.

  • When organizations successfully engage their customers and their employees, they experience a 240% boost in performance related business outcomes. ($300B loss in productivity annually)
  • The number of HR and business leaders who cited engagement as being “very important” doubled from 26% to 50%
  • Only 12% of HR and business leaders have a program in place to define and build a strong culture
  • 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work
  • Companies with highly engage workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share.

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We know how to create engaging experiences to reach, inspire and engage internal audiences.

Employee experience programs:

  • Brand Launch & Training
  • Culture Initiatives
  • Customer Experience
  • Day One Launch Events
  • Internal Sponsorship Activation
  • Recruitment  & Onboarding
  • Reward & Recognition
  • Sales Enablement
  • Training & Learning

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Employee experience