A luxurious launch for Magnum ice cream

A luxurious launch for Magnum ice cream

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To launch the Magnum Double ice cream in Singapore, we needed to establish the brand’s premium credentials in a crowded category, win the palates of passionate, luxury-savvy influencers, and appeal to their pleasure-seeking, indulgent side.

With new products released annually, the Magnum launch is one of the most highly anticipated among media and influencers each year – an aspirational event that consumers want to be invited to. We had to up the ante to ignite social conversations and create media-worthiness.


The Magnum Double isn’t merely a dessert. It’s a multi-layered moment of pure indulgence.

Within that moment, there are layers of pleasure to be enjoyed – the sound of the chocolate crack, to the velvety chocolate flavor of the double dipped ice-cream and the luscious packaging. For our audience to fall in love with the rich, decadent chocolate of the Magnum Double, the launch required a multi-layered celebration too.


Welcome to the Magnum Mansion: the ultimate experience for a group of social influencers to “Release the Beast” of their passions in Fashion, Art, Music and Taste.

We created an experience that was layered, just like the Magnum Double. Instead of focusing solely on the product, we focused on the pleasure it gives with every bite… creating an over-the-top, uniquely share-able moment at every stage of the experience.


We created a lavish invitation – embedded into an edible chocolate – to get influencers and media talking about the upcoming launch ahead of the event. We partnered with local style influencer, Melissa Celestine Koh, to design a bespoke fashion accessory for them to wear to the party: an animal mask that encouraged them to “Release the Beast.”

Upon entering the Magnum Mansion, guests were greeted with 270-degree wall-to-ceiling 3D projections that transformed the space into a house of pure luxury. DJ collective ATTAGIRL provided the perfect soundtrack to the party and guests were invited to create Magnum Double flavor combinations to match their dynamic personalities.

Influencer Melissa Koh facilitated inner beast makeovers of guests to style their self-indulgent moment of pleasure. Guests revealed their new personas before the camera lens of top local fashion photographers ANUE. Stylized portraits were provided to guests after the event to create another wave of press and postings that set influencer Instagrams ablaze.


400%return on investment
3.5Mmedia impressions
20.4%market share

The results of the launch event were as indulgent as Magnum Double itself. A 35% increase in year over year coverage with Tier 1 media and influencers yielded over 700 pieces of coverage, 3.5M impressions (2x prior years) and 98% positive tonality. ROI came in at 400% and we cemented Magnum’s status as a luxury lifestyle product, and achieved the highest market share (20.4%) the brand had seen in over three years.