Reintroducing South Africa for FIFA

Reintroducing South Africa for FIFA

2010 FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee:

When South Africa was chosen to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the ceremonies became pivotal opportunities to celebrate one of the world’s greatest sporting events and reintroduce contemporary South Africa to a global audience.

Jack Morton (working in close collaboration with local agencies) answered the challenge by creating deliberately low-tech/high humanity ceremonies that were imbued with the energy, passion, music and rhythm that is part of everyday South African life.

We incorporated five main themes to create moving and spectacular moments that exuded a spirit of joy, celebration and pride. Our volunteer cast of over 1,000 injected palpable energy in a performance defined by cultural authenticity and integrity.

500million TV viewers
+1000volunteer performers

A global showcase for the new South Africa

Viewed by 500 million people, the ceremonies were dubbed “spectacular and vibrant” by the BBC and earned similar accolades from press around the world.