Establishing a brilliant credo for Brillio

Establishing a brilliant credo for Brillio

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Brillio is a $100 million IT start-up that came to us with a great name, a strong point of view, 2,000 employees and a boatload of enthusiasm. They needed to convey the brand’s essence, difference, value and attitude to existing employees, recruits and the world. Immediately.

We first attacked establishing an authentic Employee Value Proposition that would help Brillio retain and attract the brilliant people needed to succeed in an extremely competitive industry. We developed 3 key credo statements for the brand: inspired by potential, insanely competitive and responsive beyond imagination.

Within a month, we had put together an exciting launch that focused on the human side of technology problem-solving with ingenuity. We differentiated Brillio with a new tagline, translated it internally and used it as the basis of a website that stood out in the industry. After producing their first-ever executive launch meeting, we rolled out live and virtual brand training, made a brand video, developed a recruitment ad campaign and transformed offices with branding.

1month turnaround
3mantras to live by
2000engaged employees

Transforming start-up enthusiasm into vibrant, purpose-led organization

We then sent Brillio off to find new client relationships with a mature, sophisticated marketing plan that has connected around the world. Said our client, “The Jack Morton team mobilized so quickly and helped us turn ideas into action – a clear strategy and corporate story—and built learning platforms and workshops for driving the change in our teams. What they did for us in those 90 days has had a long-lasting effect.”