Creating the set for Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons

Creating the set for Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons


Never timid in expressing himself, writer Bill Simmons is known for his wealth of sports knowledge, relentless sense of humor and fierce intellect. He is clear in his opinions. When he landed his new show on HBO, Bill wanted a setting that was just as authentic.

The design for “Any Given Wednesday” had to be warm, casual and comfortable. It needed to be a reflection of his personality and the perfect place for great conversations.

Jack Morton imagined a renovated LA loft, with a rich library, living room and casual bar area. With stylish, masculine details, the set is arranged to maximize depth on camera.  An outdoor patio on one side and an indoor hallway on the other help to create deep, rich backgrounds. The grand height of the library space is accentuated with vertical bookshelves and a sleek balcony.

Rough brick, lacquered wood beams, paneled walls and worn wood floors create a cozy palette that plays against a sparkling backdrop of the Hollywood hills at night. And of course, just the right mix of posters, sports memorabilia and other “guy stuff” makes Bill and his guests feel right at home.