Charmin Holiday

Charmin Holiday

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There’s a lot to enjoy in New York’s Time Square – lights, shopping, restaurants and Broadway shows. But the “go” is not one of those things. Especially during the holidays, the busiest time of the year for tourism in New York City.

With the city’s limited access to public restrooms, Charmin decided to give passersby the one thing they really need during the holiday season – a clean, comfortable place to enjoy the go.

Welcome to the Best Seats on Broadway — the Charmin Holiday Restrooms — free, clean and wildly entertaining.

Located in the heart of Time Square, our 14 individually themed bathroom stalls were designed to give consumers a truly enjoyable bathroom experience. Complete with fun wallpaper, props, jokes, music and even a themed toilet, the stalls provided a surprisingly fun and insta-worthy moment for all visitors.


Our Charmin Holiday experience was a Broadway hit!

  • Over 3.2 billion impressions garnered for the Charmin brand
  • 41,529 visitors
  • 92% gave the overall experience a 9/10 or higher

And many said they would convert to Charmin toilet paper. It doesn’t get more enjoyable than that.