BP’s Olympic journey into energy

BP’s Olympic journey into energy

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Energy-leader BP sought to tell its story during the London 2012 Olympics through a once-in-a-lifetime experience – an event with technology at its core that would push boundaries and be as memorable as the Olympic games themselves.

So our idea was to immerse the audience in the inhospitable extremes of the planet where BP’s technology is being developed and deployed.

97%rated it 'outstanding'

Using cutting-edge theatrical and CGI techniques, we plunged visitors into the hostile corners of the earth where BP does its work – deep into tectonic plates, under freezing oceans, through invisible air currents. A journey of constant surprise and wonder.

The audience loved it, with 97% saying it was the best showcase they had ever seen. So two years later, we recreated the showcase on a smaller scale for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.