A pastime goes beyond the big leagues

A pastime goes beyond the big leagues

General Motors:

Chevrolet has cultivated a relationship with baseball that goes far beyond traditional sponsorship. It all began with Chevrolet’s desire to create a meaningful, sustainable way for dealers to become heroes in their local communities. To do this, Jack created a “title sponsorship” where none existed before: Chevy Youth Baseball, a one-of-a-kind, grassroots initiative that brings the professional baseball experience to kids and their parents.

The program, now in its ninth year, has a nationwide reach, benefitting nearly 1,700 dealers and their communities. For the first time on such a large scale, Chevy Youth Baseball has allowed dealers to build lasting relationships through supporting local Little Leagues. With funds raised from dealership test-drives, Jack produces free baseball clinics at major league ballparks for about 200 kids at a time. Kids and parents have the opportunity to meet and interview former MLB players while instructors from Ripken Baseball teach fundamentals. The local Chevrolet dealers make each event possible, and most importantly, we make sure the kids have an amazing day at the ballpark.

1.7KParticipating dealerships
1M+Kids and families involved
104Local Markets

Ultimately, Chevrolet was recognized for their support, receiving incredible feedback from parents:

“I just wanted to let you know that my 3 little boys had such a great experience at Turner Field today. They got to play ball ON Turner Field and even sit in the dugout where their favorite players sit. It was priceless … I know that we spent today making memories that my little boys will never forget, and what better feeling can a parent have at the end of the day? Thank you so much! We look forward to doing this again next year. And, truthfully, I know that we will remember things like this when it’s time to purchase our next vehicle, even though we have typically been a Toyota family. – Atlanta CYB Clinic Participant