NBC Sports Philadelphia

Set Design

Philadelphia Story. Designing an open studio space for NBC Sports.

Set Design

The set is designed to be open and sculptural, inviting viewers to draw closer to the talent.

Just in time for the 2019 baseball season, NBC Sports launched a new look for its flagship Philadelphia studios at the Wells Fargo Center. The new studio design reflects the vibrancy of NBC Sports, with an expansive, open layout designed for movement and flexibility.

Full-height windows frame dramatic views of the Philadelphia cityscape. Custom photography, captured from multiple viewpoints in the city, offers identical day and night versions of the skyline. The set walls trace the irregular shape of the studio, built off the concourse of the arena. A grid of illuminated lines criss-crosses the space creating a united framework. Echoes of the NBC logo ripple across the walls, creating a subtle, architectural reminder of the brand. Color-changing light boxes are laced throughout the studio, providing instantaneous shifts from one team color to the next.

Large displays are seamlessly integrated into the architecture, making every part of the studio an engaging broadcast location. A sleek LED display runs along the length of the room, forming the backdrop for the main anchor area. The visual center of the space is a dynamic Demo Area, with a large wall display and an LED floor inset in a sparkling acrylic platform, all framed by glowing arcs and a forest of portrait monitors. This powerful area offers unique and exciting ways to break down all of the action.

With attention placed on creating a bright and airy space – including desks and other furniture – the set is designed to be open and sculptural, inviting viewers to draw closer to the talent.


Having a dynamic and flexible new place for Philly to celebrate (and lament) the latest sports news portrays NBC Sports’ commitment to bringing the finest quality sports journalism to its regional markets.

This work is a winner of the 2019 NewscastStudio Broadcast Production Awards in the category of Set Design – Sports.

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