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Bringing the future of brand experience to market...faster
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To thrive during change, you need uncommon solutions.
We help brands harness change and opportunities at the intersection of emerging marketing technology, content and data.

Jack X is our experience innovation practice. It’s built on new ways of working and collaborative partnerships. By fueling creativity and innovation, we push the boundaries of what experience brands can be.

We’re an eclectic bunch of thinkers and makers – strategists, creatives and martech experts across UX, CX, creative technology, data analysis, film making, game design, coding and more. Our practice is built as a co-creation initiative for brands. Together with our strategic partners and global staff, we offer access to our innovation team to:

  • Anticipate, address and exceed changing audience expectations
  • Unlearn the processes that restrict innovation
  • Fuel innovative thinking at the intersection of emerging technologies and data
  • Turn business challenges into brand opportunities
  • Deliver more impactful and measurable results
  • Enable brands to stay relevant and fuel business growth

Working in beta, Jack X is constantly evolving to build, test, grow and release strategic solutions that help brands create immersive, responsive, curated and connected experiences. Whatever the outcome, we help brands deliver greater proof of their brand promise and forge closer connections with their customers.

Because during times of change, innovation is the difference between leaders and followers.

And now is the time to defy convention. 

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