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We’re in the brand experience game and we’re experts in creating content. We know the power of live, face-to-face engagement is undeniable. But sometimes, circumstances such as budget constraints or travel restrictions mean that live is not enough or not an option.

We know how to create compelling content and deliver it virtually. To help our clients tell their stories and engage with their most important audiences through programming that is simple, moving, original and effective. Our agility to pivot a live event or experience, when needed, and still convey a sense of community and inclusiveness is in our DNA.

But simply re-creating an event virtually won’t cut it. At Jack, we partner with our clients to evaluate the benefits of an event and provide unique solutions. We identify the best format for which to deliver content, based on scale, technology and audience profiles. With more than 80 years of business, and 17 offices worldwide, we’re prepared. We’ve seen it, done it and dealt with it all. We’re uniquely qualified to help turn a less-than-ideal situation into a world-class brand experience.

And we can do it all on a seemingly impossible timeline. In fact, we’ve pivoted to hybrid and virtual events for thousands upon thousands of participants in as few as four weeks, and are doing it for several global brands right now amidst a global health crisis.

Packaging live, hybrid and virtual content for engagement

Live, virtual, social or broadcast — we’re well-versed in using many different content vehicles to bring our clients’ brands to life both internally and externally. Breakouts becomes virtual roundtables. Live networking becomes 1:1 virtual lunches and meet ups. Keynotes can take many forms and can be streamed or discussion led. Educational trainings can be seen, heard, and watched with podcasts, webinars, videos, and more. Technology allows us to repackage content to meet the needs of engaging an audience.

Jack ethos, our branded virtual experience platform, enables us to build communities and bring to life the spirit of a culture. A true ethos. Because at the heart of any virtual event experience is the sense of community it creates.

Learn more about Jack ethos here.


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Our Hybrid & Virtual Events Services Include

  • Virtual roundtable

    Virtual experiences

    Virtual product launches

    On-demand events

    Live streaming

    Web conferencing

  • Hybrid programs (live + virtual events)

    Chat rooms



    Video content

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