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June 28th, 2018 By Natalie Ackerman

There is nothing I love better than shaking up the work week and doing things differently. So, last week I was so thrilled for our office to be a part of a new campaign for our client, L.L. Bean.

The outdoor retailer’s newest initiative is called Be an Outsider at Work which is based on its overarching creative platform, Be an Outsider. The initiative was created after our Jack team uncovered some interesting insights – consumers want to get outside but work is the biggest obstacle.

In fact, a study by the brand revealed that 87 percent of indoor workers consider themselves someone who enjoys the outdoors but 75 percent rarely or never take the time to work outside. So, the idea to bring the outdoors to the office was born. Working alongside workplace strategy expert Leigh Stringer and co-working company Industrious, the brand created the first ever outdoor co-working space. Kicking it off in NYC, L.L. Bean will roll out its custom outdoor workspace in a few other markets over the next month to let consumers experience the benefits of working outside. The team also put together a site with great resources so anyone can Be an Outsider at Work. It’s filled with tips and strategies to make the most of your workday by incorporating outside elements into it.

Why is this so important?  When we talk about finding balance in our lives, making sure we get outside is essential to our well-being. Studies show that when we spend time outdoors, we are more productive, more creative and happier.  It’s also why Jack decided that we needed to actively take part in this effort – living the campaign that we helped to create. As a result, we became the first global agency to Be an Outsider at Work.

Our teams around the globe truly embraced this concept and in the last week really took it outside – from Dubai to NY. Everyone seemed to love adding a few minutes of sunshine into their workflow. I had spent the weekend with my family and friends enjoying beaches and hikes and the sunshine in Hong Kong, so personally it felt great to take the Jack team outside for our weekly staff meeting to extend that outdoor time a bit longer. A 30-second downpour didn’t deter us, we covered our project and team updates, we learnt about the history of Dragon Boat day in Hong Kong, and our invited guest presenter was magician Jeff Teo who amazed us with some very cool magic.

Be an Outsider at WorkSpending time outside can really increase your mood and self-esteem and it only takes five minutes for the effects to kick in. Plus, it’s proven to lower stress levels and boost your physical health. It’s a great movement and we’d like to see more companies Be an Outsider at Work.

I’m standing as I write this, with an eye on the window checking out the clouds and weather to see if my next meeting can be done Outside. How about you? #BeanOutsider #JackMortonWorldwide

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