Re-branding marketing procurement

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November 1st, 2010 By Jack Morton

So the Association of National Advertisers has set up a task force to re-brand marketing procurement (you may have read about it in Ad Age).

This is a welcome development, as the still lingering stereotype of marketing procurement as evil bean counters out to slash agency fees willy-nilly is as outdated as the dodo bird.

The ANA procurement re-branding effort will include a mentoring program to bring together marketing and procurement people to build understanding and best practices. Focusing on behaviors and relationships (the “do” rather than the “tell” side of branding) is a great move. Here are 2 ideas we’d add to the procurement re-branding mix:

  • Involve agencies in the mentoring effort. Some have specialized procurement knowledge—for example agencies like Jack Morton, that given the nature of what we do, end up managing a lot of 3rd party spend on behalf of clients.
  • Change procurement’s name. Yes, it’s superficial, but people have a legendarily knee-jerk reaction to “procurement.” And “strategic sourcing” just sounds a lot nicer, don’t you think?

My colleague Eric Samuelson’s article “Love Your Shark” is still one of my favorite treatises on procurement.