Oreo Goes Rainbow!

Jack Blog

June 27th, 2012 By Jack Morton


In support of gay rights and pride, Oreo released a picture on its Facebook page this past Monday of an Oreo filled with multi-colored crème (pictured above) and this sentence: “Proudly Support Love.”

Two days after the fact, the post has been “starred” on the brand’s Facebook page, making it the first post you see on their profile, and thus far it has garnered over 223,000 likes, 70,560 shares, and 38,750 comments.  While the majority of these interactions have been positive, there’s been notable backlash. By scrolling through the comments, in addition to all the support, multiple consumers have expressed their disappointment with Oreo and Nabisco, as well as their personal vows to never buy another Kraft product again.

Oreo isn’t the first brand to take a public stance on such a controversial issue. Nike, United Colors of Benetton, and, more recently, J.C. Penney, have made bigger statements with their marketing, as well as with their overall support of the issue.

Should brands take a public stance on such issues, or should they altogether avoid them?