Move over Vine, Snapchat and Instagram…

Jack Blog

January 16th, 2014 By Jack Morton


Launched in 2013, PeekInToo  allows users to anonymously share and request a 12 second glimpse of each other’s lives anywhere in the world.

The creators advocate it as a way to sneak a peek at a gig you’ve missed or report a blackout at a football game, but potentially it could also be used to record and raise awareness of major news events, for more mundane things like checking how busy your local shopping centre is and, of course, plain old voyeurism.

As it’s fairly new with few users, there isn’t a lot to see yet.  But I did get to view 12 seconds of not much happening in a random New York street. Fairly dull in itself, but it was fascinating in principle to experience a brief moment of a stranger’s life on the other side of the world in real time.

As with any new social network, how it could eventually be used by brands remains to be seen. But given that experience is at the app’s core I’m sure this will become apparent — competitions, teasers, mini promos, creating buzz at a product launch. Time will tell.