Getting Those Swing States With…What Else But Ads?

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July 12th, 2012 By Jack Morton

What seems to be the strategy to claim swing-state voters in this coming election: advertisements of course! President Obama, republican nominee Mitt Romney, and other outside groups are advertising in record amounts, according to NPR. Just last week the Obama campaign and supporters spent $345,000 on TV ads in the Columbus market, while the Romney campaign and supporters spent $222,000. You can read more here.

The results? Rising ad prices and citizens living in swing states inundated with campaign ads. Beside the positive benefits to TV stations in the area, Doyle McManus of the LA Times argues that negative ads generate conversation and are often accurate because of the large amount of scrutiny there put under. However, one must be careful with the third party ads, which are not held up to the same level of accountability. 

Judging from past election cycles, the best (i.e. most shocking) ads are yet to come. In the meantime checkout some of the emotionally charged ads below. Enjoy!  

Come and Go, Obama Campaign

In this commercial Obama frames Mitt Romney as an “outsourcer” versus creator or jobs in response to his claims that he knows how to create jobs.

Wake Up, Crossroads GPS

This commercial was created by republican Karl Rove’s independent group, Crossroads GPS. It features the core republican argument currently that Obama has let us down.