We’re not robots – yet

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December 5th, 2015 By Jack Morton

This week I was given a rare opportunity to attend Eurobest, a small and intimate festival run by the makers of Cannes Lions, that is filled with fresh thinking, craft and celebration of extraordinary work. As someone who has only worked in the creative industry for a matter of months, it was an incredible learning platform and I took in so much that my head hurts. (Could also be too much Belgian beer, who knows?)

I noticed the red thread of Eurobest during the first morning of the festival:


Creativity today is ALL about humanity, empathy and emotion. Technology seems to be taking a major back seat, it isn’t about being the smartest, the most ‘state of the art’ or even the most creative anymore – it’s all about connecting with the people brands care most about.

In order to do this, we need to stop looking at creative marketing opportunities as ‘brand to consumer’ and instead see the connection as ‘human to human’. We need to give brands a personality and a heartbeat if we want to create something people care about. People feel first and think second, so if we want people to connect with creative work quickly then we need to spend less time placing people into graphs and spreadsheets and numbers and instead switch on our emotional intelligence and empathy radar.

We need to understand real people; we need to understand what they want, what they need, and what is valuable to them. This should be such an easy task because we’re all people too (I hope). We need to ask ourselves, what is it we care about? Delve into our own memories to create great memories for other people. Take the things that we, as humans, have remembered forever, and create those same experiences for the people we want to connect with. Be simple, be real, be a human.

Remember that sometimes, the best marketing, doesn’t look like marketing.