From Haggerston with love

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November 12th, 2013 By Caspar Mason

Tesco, the giant UK-based retailer, are having a rough time at the moment. They’re the second largest retailer (by profit) in the world and earn £3 for every £10 spent in UK supermarkets, but profits are down…and this can mean a loss of focus.

And when things do go wrong and standards slip, as they apparently have at east London’s Haggerston branch (aka “The Very Worst Tesco”), customers can document and share that fail in excruciating detail.


And Tesco can release lots of shiny brand imagery, but a disgruntled customer with a camera-phone and a Tumblr account can make them infamous as far as…well, wherever you are, which probably isn’t Haggerston.

So retailers: keep on top of your experience across all touchpoints, move quickly when there’s a problem and keep that social media firefighting plan close to hand.