What we do isn’t easy. Nothing extraordinary ever is.

At Jack Morton we create head-turning, stomach-dropping, mind-boggling, smile-inducing brand experiences for everyone. The world’s biggest brands and challenger brands that make you go “hmmm” and “wow …” We work with them all, and so can you.

What we create is unique. Like you. It’s the future of marketing and there’s nothing passive or predictable about it. We promise every day will be different than the previous one in a very good way.

We’ve been around the block a few times in the last 80+ years, and what we’ve found at the end of the day, is that we really love what we do — no matter who we do it for. We also happen to be pretty great at it, and we’ve got the hardware to prove it. That and the humility to know you’ll help make the work even better.

We take care of each other, as much as we take care of business. We forget titles, check egos at the door, roll up our sleeves, don headsets, do the coffee run, and work together to make cool things happen.  We marvel in each other’s uniqueness and revel in what each of us brings to the human potluck that is Jack. We want this to be a place where you can be you, all of you, and bring your true and honest self to work, every day in every way.

So if you want to help shape the future of an entire industry, welcome. If you’re looking to be global, but still feel local, come on in. If you feel work, and the people you work with, can be extraordinary, let’s chat.

Hi, we’re Jack. And we’re listening.


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Executive Producer/Digital (initial 3 month contract)

London, England, United Kingdom

As a global brand experience agency, we create brand experiences that strengthen the relationships between brands and the people who matter most to them.

We’re looking for an ambitious Executive Producer/Digital that specialises in technology led experiences and products to join the team and support the growth of our innovation practice at Jack Morton London.

The Executive Producer/Digital will play an important role in developing our emtech and digital offering, evolving existing tools and processes to ensure that both quality and agility play a central role in the production and delivery of our technology led live experiences and products.

You will oversee a small team of digital producers ensuring they are provided with the support they need to manage through a wide variety of digital projects as well as being on hand to respond to pitch proposals.  In addition, you will manage a selection of the more complex technology led live experiences and oversee the development of technology led products and services.

You will have a detailed knowledge of digital production and product development processes and the ability to adapt process as and when is needed. You won’t be fazed by the prospect of projects that haven’t been done before, in fact you’ll be inspired by the challenge! You’ll have excellent communication skills and be adept at translating and educating, making things simple for non-technical team members and clients alike.

The Executive Producer/Digital will work with our Lead Creative Technologist to ensure we have the appropriate consortium of tech partners and freelancers to collaborate with.

Key responsibilities:

  • Workflow
    Managing the end to end production of pitches and projects. Owning the Jack X Opps meeting and pipeline to create clarity of live, probable and possible projects and pitches to enable the business to have the correct people and partners in place for successful delivery.
  • Commercials
    Managing the revenue and profitability of projects and the investment in pitches to ensure the business and the team are aware of and working to specific commercial objectives and parameters.
  • Process and integration
    Acting as an ambassador and working with the broader business to achieve best practice in process, integration, communication and collaboration to ensure the business is working efficiently and effectively.
  • Delivery
    A two-pronged approach to ensure projects are developed and delivered successfully. Firstly, that we stay one step ahead of our clients in all phases of the development of a project and secondly that all projects are successfully developed to the highest quality and on time and on budget.
  • Talent
    Constantly reviewing our permanent and contract team to ensure we maintain our great culture and have the best talent and the most appropriate combination of skills and experience to deliver the live and potential projects and pitches. Work with resource management on day to day capacity to ensuring they are all projects are resourced and cast appropriately.
  • Partners
    Managing and socialising our delivery partner and freelance ecosystem, ensuring that relationships are in place to encourage seamless collaboration on both pitches and projects when required.

What do you do, day to day?

  • Review and refine our digital production process and tools
  • Ensure we have the right teams collaborating on pitches and projects
  • Manage complex technology led projects on time & budget
  • Own financial management of all technology led projects
  • Collaborate with the Director of Production and Event EPs on a daily basis
  • Commercially manage changes to the brief, informing clients on impact to timings, work & budgets
  • Present internally to our team and externally to our clients
  • Help educate & inspire clients and teams
  • Ensure we work with the very best technology suppliers                  

What kind of person are you?

  • You are great with clients and internal team management
  • You have been working in technology for the last 10 years
  • You will be proactive & have a calm head under pressure
  • Successfully influences and implements process change and improvement
  • You let other people have ideas and help facilitate them
  • You understand the evolving technology landscape
  • You understand the nuance of digital product development and how it’s different to digital production
  • You possess great interpersonal skills and have a good sense of humour
  • You are flexible and show initiative

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