Building brand awareness in a congested field by creating content that connects with the consumer

Building brand awareness in a congested field by creating content that connects with the consumer

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Zinus, a company new to the direct to consumer model, asked Jack Morton to develop an integrated launch campaign that would create brand awareness for the company in an already crowded mattress marketplace. What Zinus has pioneered, others have copied. Zinus was the original bed-in-a-box company, but never had a consumer-facing brand.

When Jack began working with Zinus they were already attempting to make the switch from OEM to a direct to consumer brand but had <8% awareness in an already overcrowded mattress marketplace, against competitors such as Serta (66% awareness) and Tempur-pedic (65% awareness). While watching other emerging bed-in-a-box companies gain market awareness, notably Casper (24% awareness), Purple and Tuft & Needle (14% awareness), it was going to be imperative to find a unique position for the brand that would connect with consumers in a meaningful way, while differentiating from competitors with a much larger share of voice.


Research of competitors showed that all of the current Zinus competitors based their brands around the master bedroom and functional benefits of the products. In additional all advertising and brand slogans revolved around the term “sleep.” This allowed for the opportunity to brand Zinus outside the already saturated terminology and approach.


Live in Wonder – By focusing on delivering harmony & wonder to the entire household, and the happiness that can be derived from connectedness, we are able to develop a campaign that connects with consumers and separate Zinus from all other competitors.


Our entire strategy was built around wanting the viewer (consumer) to, if for only a brief moment, suspend reality and see tiny moments of Wonder in everyday scenarios.  Selecting key asset placements that gave us the opportunity to deliver carefully crafted stories with beautifully unexpected visuals, allowed us to introduce Zinus as a brand that cares about how our products impact your whole life, and not just the 8 hours you spend asleep.

Due to our strong revenue-based goals, our media strategy focused primarily on direct response across digital video, video pre-roll, digital display (banners and social) and digital audio.

Creatively, our launch campaign focused on showing the perspective change associated with a particular product benefit coupled with a wondrous human moment.

In one video spot, someone sees a cooling mattress as the ice cream sandwich they’re eating – a direct homage to an “it feels like” mattress review submitted to Zinus by a happy customer. The bed then becomes an ice cream sandwich in a wondrous moment as he takes a bite.

In another, two children imagine their bed is a pool, after which, they are shown jumping through the mattress with their blue sheet rippling like water.


185%Increase in website traffic YOY

Through our targeted audience approach, the media spend was able to deliver 31.8MM impressions. This, combined with the unique creative which provided 10% click-through rate assisted us in achieving our goals. After the campaign launch, Zinus saw year over year increases across the board. Success in our first measurable goal, revenue, was seen through increases in  transactions (+100.15%), and average order value (+24.2%). Proof of achievement of our second goal, awareness, can be seen by large jumps in website traffic (+185.49%) and new users (190%) vs YA.