Turning B2B infographics into a lead-generation machine for Eaton

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Eaton’s Power Quality division may be responsible for over $1 billion in revenue per year, but compared to its closest competitors, it’s a distant challenger brand in a sea of juggernauts. Its marketing spend is dwarfed by dominant players that are seen as safe options in a low-interest category.

Eaton wouldn’t be the biggest player in its sector, so we set out to make it the most loved instead. We wanted to drive an emotional brand connection, while generating new quality leads and increasing brand familiarity along the way.


IT pros often feel underappreciated. Over-marketed to. Disrespected by lead gen forms. Annoyed by tech tickets. And trapped at the office battling the ever-present threat of downtime. We saw the opportunity to connect with them personally, not just as professionals, by showing we get “IT”: their daily plight and their information technology.

When we really dug deep, we saw that they take their jobs seriously – and take a serious amount of ownership over their IT infrastructures. They see their IT as their domain.


“My IT Empire” was a campaign that positioned IT professionals as the rulers of their IT kingdoms.

We transformed traditionally static infographics into dynamic, shareable and fun user generated content. Our super responsive infographic building tool gave IT pros the opportunity to show off their distinctive personalities and mastery of the IT landscape.


By answering 48 strategically chosen questions — some IT-related, some quirky and personal — visitors created a one-of-a-kind, personalized infographic of their IT Empire in real time. In digital form, these infographics were instantly shareable across forums and social media. As an added bonus, each participant received a free oversized printed poster by mail to adorn the walls of their cubicles and server rooms.

The campaign generated far more lead data than an average form submission, bolstering future marketing automation efforts. And because each question was tied to the participant’s personal infographic poster, data quality also increased. An integrated media plan including native social advertising, IT-pro only social network Spiceworks, trade publications and email marketing soon led to a groundswell of activity.


1028%return on investment
216Kcustomer data points gathered
34%brand familiarity lift

The campaign exceeded our expectations by a staggering 276% above targeted goals, generating over 4,500 infographics — each one representing a lead for Eaton. ROI was through the roof at 1028%, familiarity brand lift was 227% higher than historical benchmarks and we generated 4.8 times the amount of lead data of a traditional lead generation form.

And, with our questionnaires creating smarter, more informative lead profiles, Eaton sales professionals were equipped to have better, more personal sales conversations, which meant that IT pros continued to feel the love throughout the sales process.