Superstar sipping with Nespresso

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New market entrants spurred Nespresso to transform its brand from “home coffee machines” to differentiation via “Nespresso coffee moments.”

We wanted to make coffee lovers feel like superstars during their Nespresso moments. Our activation would elevate consumers into campaign stars – and their stories our message.

Anchored by digital and social amplification, we created a pop-up photo studio dubbed the Nespresso Momento surrounded by a sophisticated and stylish cafe environment. We invited consumers to enjoy their special moment whilst being photographed. These images were then beamed to LED billboard screens around the city as well as nearby screens in the selected malls and outdoor venues.

Transforming typical sippers into extraordinary faces for the brand

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+8.5Kmoments shared

Elevating ordinary sippers into superstar models ignited conversation and social sharing of images as people spotted their neighbors in this surprising, delightful and resonant campaign.