Simplifying the complexities of health insurance

Simplifying the complexities of health insurance

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Health insurance is a necessity, but most people don’t trust or understand it. They expect health insurance companies to be a hassle, and one you only undertake if you’re really sick.

EmblemHealth, New York’s health insurance and wellness company, wanted to change all this. They wanted to help New Yorkers think of them as more than just another insurance company – to become a true health and wellness company that cares about New Yorkers (and just happens to sell insurance).

They came to Jack Morton to help shift this perception and establish their brand’s commitment to everyday health for all New Yorkers.


We needed to develop an integrated marketing platform to genuinely connect with New Yorkers as their friendly neighborhood resource. Focused on making wellness attainable for all New Yorkers, we developed the “Official Sponsor of Small Steps” community marketing platform to invite all New Yorkers on a journey of “small steps to wellness” throughout the city. The idea was to break healthier living into manageable objectives, and bring unique experiences to NYC neighborhoods.


Delivering health and wellness sounds like a lofty goal. We decided to make healthier living accessible, by being a consistent neighborhood presence and focusing on achievable goals.

Our comprehensive program encouraged New Yorkers to take a step in the right direction –EmblemHealth: Official Sponsor of Small Steps. We launched a series of live events (including a “choose your own distance walk/run”), sponsored green markets, and advertised on a hyper-local level. We also developed a Small Steps app to put healthier living in the hands of consumers. The app lets users track their steps and water intake, locate health and wellness classes near them, and win badges for their achievements.

Scope of services:

    • Integrated campaign
    • Partner integration
    • Mobile app and digital development
    • Event strategy
    • Experience platform
    • Talent management


Across more than 130 experiences, reaching more than 100k people and generating 10,000+ leads, the campaign exceeded its goals and continues expanding its reach and impact online, on the streets and on-air. Today, EmblemHealth is a wellness brand that happens to sell insurance. And people get it.