Shooting to win at ComplexCon Chicago

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Bringing together pop culture, music, art, food, sports, innovation, activism and education, ComplexCon is a catalyst for creative collaboration between the most influential people and hottest brands that move our culture forward.

As Reebok continues to make great strides with the younger generation, ComplexCon Chicago gave them yet another opportunity to have a huge impact with this young, passionate consumer. And as the fashion and retail world continues to embrace the look, icons and energy of the 90’s, we worked alongside Reebok and New York Sunshine to create an experience that capitalized on Reebok’s fabled history in basketball during that era.

Our goals? Continue driving awareness and engagement with the brand’s 18-25 year-old consumer with basketball as the central creative hook. And in doing so, deliver an experience that feels unexpected, is eye-catching and most importantly, engages attendees during every moment.


The fashion world is diving deep into the bold looks and edgy aesthetics of the 90’s. When it comes to sport fashion, Reebok owned the 1990’s and a central element of their dominance during that era was basketball. For players, fans and fashion-forward consumers of the 90’s, Reebok created bold products with industry-shifting designs and colorway, and aligned themselves with living legends in basketball like Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson. To create maximum impact with today’s consumer, we would bring that 90’s Reebok basketball vibe to life at ComplexCon Chicago.


Shoot-to-win at the 90’s Reebok Street Carnival. We created a carnival-like basketball shooting experience that dropped Reebok’s bold brand in the middle of what looked like a high-energy local traveling street carnival.

Attendees experienced the flashing lights, fun colors, food, unique personalities, games of skill, and unique products and “prizes” synonymous with local street carnivals. With this as our experiential platform, we engaged attendees in a total Reebok brand experience.


The 40×30 consumer activation was literally the centerpiece of the ComplexCon Chicago event. Over the course of two days, consumers cued up around the entire booth for an opportunity to be part of the Reebok Shoot-to-win experience.

When attendees approached the booth, they had the option of either enjoying the brand experience as a spectator, shopping for custom product or getting in line to try the shooting game. In most cases, our attendees did all three!

The Shoot-to-win game began when three attendees at a time lined up on the shooting line in front of a standard ten-foot basketball rim. With the DJ cranking tunes and a street-ball announcer, David “ChaChing” Teele, doing live commentary, each attendee had five basketballs and twenty-four seconds to attempt to make as many baskets as possible in that time frame. Attendees were awarded custom prizes for making either three, four or five baskets. Prizes included exclusive Eric Emmanuel shorts and Josh Matthews curated vintage Reebok apparel from the 90’s. Those who made all five shots were given two attempts at the Reebok SuperShot – a ridiculously hard basketball shot 25-feet in the air! Each attendee who actually made the SuperShot – and there were seven of them – were entered into a drawing to win a diamond pendant and chain custom designed by Allen Iverson and Eric Emmanuel.


  • 3020 total visitors of which 41% returned multiple times
  • 2237 engagements (defined as 1 minute +) of which 36% engaged multiple times
  • 72% engagement based on overall visitors
  • 12:12 average dwell time