A salon fresh look for P&G e-training

A salon fresh look for P&G e-training


To be the very best in beauty e-education, P&G needed to completely rework its Salon Professional content into a superior digital experience for two distinct audiences: stylists and internal sales reps.

We recognized that hair stylists are fashion-forward artists who make decisions based on images, not text. Sales reps, too, needed to connect with their salon customers through the beautiful results P&G products create.

Our e-learning platform embraced these aesthetic sensibilities – offering a bold, image-powered experience that was inspiring for users, feeling much more high-end fashion site than textbook.

+100Klessons completed

Making P&G Salon Professional the go-to brand for stylish online education

By keeping our SCORM-compliant lessons short, simple and fun, we transformed P&G’s Salon Professional e-training into a must-see rather than a gotta-go. Our platform has won rave reviews and far exceeded initial participation goals.