A royal wedding with 500,000 guests

A royal wedding with 500,000 guests

Greater London Authority:

The Mayor of London knew throngs would turn out for the betrothal of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Our challenge: Disperse the Royal Wedding crowds while giving royal fans a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We chose to build viewing environments in iconic locations around London: Hyde Park, Green Park and Trafalgar Square. These sites would accommodate thousands while providing television audiences with a look at a world-class city on a day of pride and celebration.

In just five weeks, our veteran Public Events team worked with the police, government authorities and local landowners in order to plan and execute this massive gathering. In addition to screening the ceremony itself, we created wedding-themed entertainment – everyone was a wedding guest – live music, games and competitions.

Celebration sites that enthralled multitudes from around the globe

The BBC’s global coverage of the Royal Wedding included broadcasts from our sites.

Mayor Boris Johnson called the day, “A fantastic opportunity for London to show the world how we relish our traditions and that we know how to throw a party.”