Solidifying Reebok’s position as a bold brand for the younger generation

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Dubbed the “Cultural Super Bowl”, ComplexCon is a convergence of all things that shape our culture. It is an expertly curated convention that brings together pop culture, music, art, food, style, sports, innovation, activism, sneaker heads and hypebeasts. It’s our generation’s world fair.

In an effort to solidify Reebok’s position as a bold brand for the younger generation at ComplexCon 2018, Reebok sought to not only immerse consumers in the look, feel and spirt of the brand, but also to “drop” new innovative footwear like the Aztrek, Sole Fury and a limited addition Allen Iverson basketball shoe.

For the event experience, Reebok tasked us with creating a memorable and impactful activation to create brand heat, inspire and engage consumers to defy convention, while nodding to Reebok’s constantly evolving disruptive spirit. Additionally, we focused on:

  • Inspiring & engaging the ComplexCon consumer with the underlying thematic of Defy Convention
  • Driving awareness of the Q4 SS19 Franchise Delta and Heritage product (Aztrek & Sole Fury)
  • Designing powerful platforms that enabled interactive moments for social sharing while creative real-time buzz
  • Building a cohesive eye-catching artistic and experiential atmosphere to entire attendees to interact and engage with the brand


To truly have a transformative moment with this young audience, we knew we needed to immerse them in an experience reflective of their sense of fashion and desire to share their personal experiences.

Today, in fashion, “modern” means leaping back into the 90s with 2018 social vibe. To pull attendees into our booth we would initially attract them from afar with a stunning booth design that urged them to enter. Once inside, we would engage them with imagery and activities reminiscent of the 90’s. It was part arcade, part street, and all Reebok.


Leveraging the sneaker head culture’s desire to “acquire” the most exclusive sneakers and products by any and all means necessary, we used the old school saying about “buying things off the back of a truck” as our creative concept. We positioned the products as “steal-worthy” — no, we weren’t selling stolen merchandise – but attendees did need to know what corner to show up at! And while we worked hard to drive attendees to the booth, we knew what they really came for was the big shoe drops. The concept was to stop attendees in their tracks, drop the new “ComplexCon-only” product, then dramatically roll-up the back of our truck door to reveal the product.


The 50×50 exhibit space paid homage to the brand’s 90s heritage and Reebok’s history of defying convention in an incredibly modern way. It was an experience built for consumer engagement with multi-sensory interactive displays, fog screens, infinity mirrors, conveyor belts, automated presentation areas, 3D holographic content and immersive product-focused showcase areas that were specifically designed for crowd-pleasing product drops. From the Instagrammable, neon-lit tunnel entrance to the box truck that appeared to have broken through the wall from which we dramatically revealed the latest products, visitors felt the brand’s rich history come to life in inspiring ways.

With vibrant and inviting visuals, visitors soaked up Reebok’s authentic retro spirit. Over the course of two days, several product drops featured appearances from Allen Iverson, Swae Lee and Lil’ Baby who were all on-hand to maximize the product release moments – the biggest being the much anticipated release of Reebok’s Allen Iverson X collaboration. Guests were also invited to shop for new Reebok merchandise all while interacting and engaging with each other and the Reebok staff.


Aztrek and Sole Fury experiences generated the highest attendee visits and dwell times.