Red-hot CES debut for Red Touch Media

Red-hot CES debut for Red Touch Media

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Red Touch Media were not about to let a small-ish exhibition footprint keep them from making a big impression at their very first appearance at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Question was: How to stand out among all the tech giants?

Our team drew our inspiration from Red Touch’s brand function—managing digital content for advertisers, retailers, consumers, and content owners—interpreting it as an exhibit experience.

In our solution, sculptural birds represented content, flocking to Red Touch content management and distribution platforms. Rich, integrated digital experiences highlighted the brand’s innovative, reliable, secure technology. The upper-deck Red Touch Social Lounge created space for reporters, bloggers and podcasters to create CES content with a full view of show floor.

Bold design choices to raise the eye…and the brand’s profile

Red Touch Media collected over 400 qualified leads onsite. The debut was considered so successful, we went on to deliver several other programs and to serve as Red Touch’s Experiential Marketing Agency of Record.