Pearson: treating employees like savvy consumers

Pearson: treating employees like savvy consumers

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With competing priorities at work, medical and financial benefits are often the last thing on employees’ minds. Pearson —a premier publishing brand—was offering a wide array of benefit services, and wanted eye-catching, welcoming benefits communications that would motivate employees to make smart choices.

So we shared with them our B2E philosophy—brand to everyone. We knew that in order to reach Pearson’s employees, they had to treat them like consumers they are.

We wanted their employees to immediately see what they needed, and to intuitively know how to get it. Our revamped site organizes all information in the three categories that employees divide benefits into: Health, Money and WorkLife.

To keep their employees’ physical and financial health top-of-mind, we created a unique brand identity, tone of voice, and look for Pearson Benefits that extends from one core idea: Maximize Your Benefitness. We’ve built in promotional opportunities allowing for ongoing communications of particular relevance throughout the year.

3X increase in site usage in first three months

Today Pearson employees enjoy a clean, contemporary user experience that takes their personal goals into consideration. And it works—the company saw a three-fold increase in site usage in just the first three months.