Online to offline: creating believers for

Online to offline: creating believers for


Upon launch, struggled to manage their reputation as an authentic B2C marketplace connecting top end brands directly to Chinese consumers.

To gain the trust of the Chinese consumer, we helped to see that in the world of digital retail, experiencing is believing. Why not bring the upscale digital shopping mall to life – merging real and virtual worlds – at a very shareable yet very exclusive event?

Clearing the path to becoming China’s most-visited B2C online retail site

We invited 900 influencers to our augmented reality installation. Given iPads, guests could “try-on” items and share their looks through social media, getting a taste of the 40,000+ brands for sale on Bespoke interactive pods encouraged guests to view furniture, test new devices and play with gaming systems. Thousands of quality brands were brought to life. Best of all: Everything featured in our real mall could be instantly purchased via, and guests were given credits to do just that.

26Mmedia impressions

The Internet lit up with positive energy for TMall. Guests posted 2600 Wei Bo posts which grew to 3,000,000 reposts and comments – serving up approximately 26,000,000 media impressions including Youku online hits.