Lifting the lid on street culture

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adidas Originals was launching their new ‘Nite Jogger’ sneaker globally under the campaign platform of ‘It’s Never Too Late’. While Nite Jogger is a reinvention of a classic sneaker from the 70s, a key Hype feature is its reflectivity and transformation from day to night.

In the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Dubai & KSA, adidas wanted to localize the launch campaign to better connect the Originals brand with the right target market. Working alongside adidas, we produced and executed an experience to:

  • Authenticate and establish the reflectivity of Nite Jogger as the new aspirational Hype feature with the Originals audience
  • Increase Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the Originals brand and Sponsorship Performance and Impact (SPI) for Nite Jogger
  • Nudge perception of the Originals brand in the GCC to ‘relevant’ and ‘authentic’ from a current disconnect with their target group
  • Drive desire and sales of the Nite Jogger, via the campaign narrative
  • Create social buzz around the launch, driving traffic to the website and E-commerce sites
  • Transform the live experience into engaging retail spaces in adidas stores to drive sales and continue the conversation


A common thread that runs through the history of GCC countries, from the Original Nite Jogger in the 1970s to the present day, is car culture. Vehicles have long been a platform for socializing, creating communities and standing out. From late night drive clubs, to car customization and secret raves – there is an underground spirit across the GCC that only comes alive after dark.

UAE & KSA raised ‘Streetwear Hounds’. Inherently cool 16 -25 year olds that value authentic experiences over hype, and will spot a gimmick from a mile away. Forward-thinking youth that values self-expression and want to stand out. They don’t spend their time going out partying 24/7 – they prefer productivity. Adidas calls them ‘night time creators’.

This insight was the catalyst in creating a meaningful connection between the brand and its target group in the region, giving cultural relevance to the Originals product offering, as well as a platform to create unique, extraordinary experiences.


‘Under the Hood’ – We lifted the lid on street culture across GCC neighborhoods, using the crossover of vehicles and music as our platform for storytelling and engagement and with the Nite Jogger sneaker as our catalyst.


Utilizing a derelict warehouse on the outskirts of the City, we invited Streetwear Hounds to an authentic secret rave – a car-meet crossover with some of the biggest names in hip-hop, locally and globally, with the sneaker at the center of the action.

The journey started before guests even set foot at the venue. Guests received a limited edition mechanics toolbox, complete with a flashlight to activate their cryptic invite, and Nite Jogger sneakers ready for the night ahead.

They arrived at the venue to a fleet of 1970s Classic vehicles displaying product ‘Under the Hood’. They were then treated to a night tailored for creators – a mechanics spray booth, main stage performances from local and global talent, tee customization, custom bars, surprise food deliveries and a Morse Code ‘grammable’ photo op.

The ‘Under the Hood’ concept was retained throughout every touchpoint, and gave the local creators of the GCC a platform to express themselves and engage with the product in their natural environment.

An authentic experience

The key to effectively executing the idea was creating an authentic experience – not a brand activation. Never done before by a brand in the UAE or KSA, the event felt like a genuine underground rave with the right crowd attending, the right artists on show and an unknown, unexpected venue even to the coolest crowd. Every detail along the journey was considered, relevant and authentic.The event in Dubai was located in a large warehouse in Port Rashid – located outside the city, almost hidden from public knowledge, which furthered the exclusivity and underground vibe. In KSA, the launch was of slightly smaller scale and took place in a basement carpark.

Alongside the launch event, we also installed a number of retail activations within key adidas stores across Dubai, inclusive of apparel customization. This enabled us to spread the launch across a wider GCC audience.


  • 2x simultaneous product launches to Dubai and KSA audiences
  • 550 core target demographic event attendees across two live events in Dubai and Saudi Arabia
  • Event coverage across street culture publications: Sole DXB, Shortlist Dubai, Dubai Forum
  • Over 500 influencer Instagram stories
  • 60 million + social reach across full campaign
  • 21 million + media reach across full campaign
  • 94% positive product sentiment