Introducing the first-ever on-demand mobile bathrooms with Charmin

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Toilet paper is a commoditized category where brands are often treated as interchangeable. Up against an ever-increasing landscape of private labels, Charmin needed to capture attention and spark brand love by delivering proof of its brand promise: “Enjoy the Go.”


In a world where it seems like everything is on-demand, mobile-first and designed for ever-elevating consumer expectations, there’s one thing that we all do – and all dread – when we’re out and about: “the go.” Acceptable public bathrooms are backwardly scarce and uninviting. They’re hard to find and even harder to enjoy


We created Charmin Van-GO — the first-ever on-demand mobile bathroom service.

We put the cleanest, most comfortable and most enjoyable bathroom experience money could buy (including, of course, plenty of Charmin) on wheels, then served up access through a mobile app that lives up to the standards of today’s most popular on-demand ridesharing services.


Mashable signed on to exclusively announce Van-GO’s arrival to the world. Then, Charmin Van-GO hit the streets of NYC, where clean, enjoyable public bathrooms are virtually nonexistent.

If you had to go, all you had to do was pull out your phone and use our web app to order it up. Within minutes of launch, the orders were rolling in. The experience began by rolling out the Charmin white carpet, then continued as we armed “goers” with poo-blications, let them answer our bathroom phone (Nature was on the line – calling) and didn’t stop until they came out smiling — probably because the bathroom was bigger and nicer than most NYC apartments!



1.2Bmedia impressions in 2 days
+73%PR recall over benchmarks
4xMashable's average share rate

The response was monumental. Not only did we achieve our goals for the brand, we surpassed them beyond what Charmin had ever experienced previously:

  • 9% lift in earned media coverage compared to similar previous efforts, including 51 original stories via The Today Show, Drudge Report, People, Yahoo! and many more
  • 73% higher Public Relations recall than historical brand benchmarks
  • 8% more efficient media metrics than historical brand benchmarks, leading to increased impressions and campaign reach
  • 3,000% increase in social impressions versus previous efforts, and Charmin shattered any competitive share of voice online

Van-GO proved to be best performing social campaign in the history of the brand. All of that made for a go that the brand – and consumers – found very enjoyable