Introducing the first-ever on-demand mobile bathrooms with Charmin

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Spark an irrational love for the brand by providing them the opportunity to enjoy a better bathroom experience.


Introducing Charmin Van-GO, the first-ever on-demand mobile bathroom service.


We hit the streets of New York City to bring clean, comfortable bathrooms to those in need. Equipped with a clock that ticks between number 1 and 2, ‘Pooblications,’ and a phone that calls with sounds of nature, we surprised and delighted people along the way with Charmin’s playful brand humor.


1.2 billionimpressions in 2 days
3000% increase in social impressions
4xMashable's average share rate

Charmin Van-GO had a +73% difference in PR recall over our goal. It was the best performing social campaign in brand history with a 3,000% increase in social impressions versus previous efforts, including a Mashable story with quadruple the average share rate.