Innovative partnership creates high exposure for Cadillac

Innovative partnership creates high exposure for Cadillac

General Motors:

At Jack, we believe the best sponsorship opportunities often originate from unexpected places. Through a strategic partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue, we helped Cadillac leverage its Official Sponsorship of Fall’s FIRST LOOK to promote the launch of two new vehicles. Through a series of high-profile events and test-drives, we targeted women and fashion enthusiasts in six major markets. In addition, the sponsorship provided a unique opportunity to highlight the all-new 2015 Escalade through an ad in the Saks holiday catalog and a branded installation in the iconic 5th Avenue holiday window display in New York.

5.3MTotal impressions
4.8MActivation attendees
1MDisplay visits

To design the window, our team was challenged with fitting a full-size SUV into a space where a full-size SUV doesn’t fit.

The concept? Create a display that would reveal the all-new 2015 Escalade emerging from a wall of ice, using theatric illusion to add realism. To do this, a pre-production vehicle was cut laterally on a 12-degree angle to allow the front of the SUV to fit in the window. Then multiple layers of acrylic panels were treated and assembled around the Escalade to create the “ice wall” illusion. The window was revealed to the public in late November and was on display for millions of passersby throughout the entire holiday season.