Experiencing Ericsson’s relentless beat of innovation at MWC

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Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world’s largest gathering of information and communications technology (ICT) professionals, is the most significant milestone in Ericsson’s marketing calendar. In 2019, it provided the perfect stage for Ericsson to reaffirm their leadership position during a critical time for the ICT industry. As 5G was beginning to move out of the research and development labs and into people’s everyday lives, investing in this next-generation technology represented a business-critical decision for network operators.

Although Ericsson has always been at the forefront of innovation – setting the benchmark for the industry as a whole – it operates in an increasingly tough competitive environment. So, for MWC 2019, our objectives were clear. We needed to:

  • Raise awareness and drive consideration of Ericsson’s latest technologies and services
  • Drive a positive brand perception of Ericsson as the leading player in ICT, specifically 5G
  • Build Ericsson’s sales pipeline by generating qualified leads

Ultimately, Ericsson’s ambition was to present themselves as the only logical partner for 5G and beyond.


At the heart of Ericsson is a relentless and restless beat of innovation – which has taken them from creating the very first mobile networks to pushing technology forward time and time again. But when a technology becomes this good and this prevalent, it’s easy to forget the driving force behind it all.


The Beat. At MWC 2019, we set out to create an immersive brand presence in which Ericsson’s most important customers could see, hear and experience Ericsson’s relentless beat of innovation; a visceral expression of 5G taking shape with Ericsson as its driving force.


Ericsson’s brand presence at MWC 2019 consisted of a number of spaces and experiences, from technical demos to inspiring meeting rooms, networking lounges and even two bespoke restaurants. We designed the entire experience to manifest the power of The Beat throughout, with a number of experiential cues and a ripple effect design that visibly emanated from the center.

Feel the Beat / Immersive soundscape
A dramatic entrance to the stand used the soundproofing material found in anechoic chambers (used by Ericsson for testing new radio technologies) to striking visual effect, accompanied by an immersive, rhythmic soundscape.

The Aperture / Telling Ericsson brand stories
At the heart of the experience, The Aperture pulsed with dynamic, wrap-around moving image content that told Ericsson brand stories and drew attention to the many product stories dotted about the stand.

Some of key pieces that brought The Beat to life in innovative and unexpected ways were the immersive demos that we co-created with Ericsson – imaginatively designed to harness experiential technology in bringing to life key messages or technologies.

Case Study Explorer / Data visualization – CMS – bespoke software
In order to translate a dense, research whitepaper into engaging, helpful information, we gamified it! Users were asked to pick a topic related to 5G consumer technology, such as “VR cinema”. They used physical dials to make predictions about consumers’ interests in this technology; from excitement levels to how much they thought consumers would be willing to spend on the service. They were able to see how their predications matched to the actual research data, before having a more in-depth conversation with an Ericsson representative.

5G Challenge / Game design – projection mapping
Bringing software-based products to life can be challenging, especially when trying to communicate with large groups. Our solution was to create a 5-meter-long wall with interactive projection that would attract customers over to a product area. The projection brought to life a one-on-one game that customers could play in order to gain a deeper understanding of product benefits. The wall included physical and digital elements that reacted to one other, creating a colorful and engaging display.

5G Explorer / AR – Physical Computing – 3D printing
Engaging anyone in dense, technical information is challenging, especially in a busy tradeshow environment. So, to inform customers about Ericsson’s growing industrial applications of 5G, we created a dynamic AR carousel. This rotating display enabled users to learn about 5G applications through AR. By pointing an iPad at an object on the gently rotating display, magical animations would spring to life around the object, supporting a story about that particular industrial application.


The event was an all-around success. Over 8,000 customers felt the beat, with over 800 meetings during 4 days, generating over 20,000 customer interactions.

“The favorite thing about working with Jack is how they are able to take our business need and turn it into a really creative experience that inspires us, intrigues our guests and also adapts for other events throughout the rest of the year. We had 6,000 square meters at MWC, a staff of hundreds and it takes a month to build what we have here in Barcelona and we have to be able to trust it’s going to be done in a really professional manner and that’s what Jack delivers every year consistently. In 2019 especially, we saw better numbers and greater results across the board and that’s a direct result of what Ericsson and Jack were able to create together.” – Matthew Smith, Vice President, Head of Customer Engagement Marketing