Delivering an engaging content experience to an audience both near and far

Delivering an engaging content experience to an audience both near and far

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Making content accessible to a live audience is somewhat of a seamless task. But making it accessible to a remote audience via live webcast can pose a few challenges. As a regional first, Ericsson MMEA tasked us with delivering an experience for employees across the region – for those live in the room and those dialing in remotely. Our key objectives were to ensure employees felt:

  • Part of ‘One MMEA’
  • Empowered and accountable to deliver across the MMEA strategy
  • Inspired and energized to take the company to its full potential
  • Engaged and determined to succeed across the company vision


In early 2018, Ericsson hosted the MMEA Leaders Summit in Dubai for top tier agency leaders from across the region. Following the event, Ericsson wanted to share the key content, strategy and general company updates discussed at the summit with its wider workforce.


MMEA Live Webcast – recapture the engaging, immersive environment of the MMEA Leaders’ Summit to cascade key messaging across their employee base.


We condensed the two-day agenda of the MMEA Leaders Summit into a four-hour live streaming webcast session, hosted in an intimate studio-style environment. The webcast consisted of 14 sessions split across departments, including Human Resources (HR), Commercial Management, Managed Services and more.

Across the sessions, we encouraged speakers to take a step outside the standard PowerPoint presentation style, and to instead, engage the audience through unique and interactive formats. Session formats included:

  • Talk-show interviews
  • TV skits utilizing props
  • TED talk style
  • Live Q&As via the online platform for all audiences viewing the webcast – both in country and remotely


The Ericsson MMEA live webcast was a huge success, meeting all key objectives.

The webcast included a live audience of 15 leaders along with 220 physical attendees. And more than 400 remote audience members dialed in via live webcast.