Daring women to dip with Nivea

Daring women to dip with Nivea

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Nivea had yet to effectively connect with Millennial women across Northern Europe.

Seeking a powerful emotional hook, we turned women’s self-consciousness around swimsuit season into an opportunity for Nivea to build a sisterhood, spread skin-confidence and dare women to challenge these fears and show their confidence by inviting them to join the brand for their first dip of the summer.

Live experience, the content engine for social engagement

Our Dare to Dip campaign used live activations to create compelling content which was promoted through multiple Facebook activations to give young women a rallying point in their quest for summer fun, body confidence and superior skin care via Nivea. Live events, a touring pool party, sampling and photo shoots were key to the experience. Ongoing digital extensions let millions more women get involved and share in the sisterhood.

54MFacebook impressions
90Kpledged dippers

The campaign succeeded in linking Nivea’s care credentials to a relevant, emotional benefit: the confidence to take life on and be more daring. Nivea saw double digit market share growth – an unprecedented rise for the brand.