Connecting us all together through the loudest cheer: FIBA trophy tour

Connecting us all together through the loudest cheer: FIBA trophy tour


2019 marked the 18th edition of the Basketball World Cup and the largest edition of FIBA’s flagship event with a record 32 participating teams descending on China for the first time.

FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, partnered with us to create the iconic FIBA Basketball World Cup (FBWC) Trophy Tour presented by Aeroflot, bringing the newly-designed golden trophy to fans globally in 24 countries across all five continents.

To be recognized as one of the top five premium sporting events in the world and to generate noise for the event in 2019, we were tasked with:

– Driving International multi market appeal
– Increasing FBWC 2019 awareness among basketball audiences
– Boosting ticket sales
– Driving social media /talk-ability
– Promoting TV/online viewership
– Elevating FBWC brand and profile
– Providing Commercial Partners’ leverage opportunities
– Providing a strong fan engagement platform

Most Trophy Tours use similar tactics to drum up attention in the local and international media. Using a vehicle that travels with the trophy that acts as part of the activation, going to iconic locations in each city for ‘that’ photo in front of, or on top of, a city landmark, or looking to get involved with local culture, take part in local activities and make grand statements in public places.

The FIBA trophy is brand new. It’s not as iconic as many other sports trophies. So it has relatively less recognition.

The FBWC gets not only swamped by other global periodical international events, but also domestic competitions. Competitions that have the biggest, bankable stars in the world.

We needed to tell a China story to the world. China is the world’s biggest basketball market. It is the number one sport in China. And it’s getting bigger. FBWC 2019 is in some ways China’s chance to show off its love of basketball to the world.

We needed to make it interactive, and easy to share instantly online. Show off China’s power to be the world leader in technology by dragging the World Cup into 2019.

Making a noise. A real big noise.

We created the #LoudestCheer that would be heard by the world. To connect us all together. To celebrate the world cup trophy. To build anticipation and create a moment that resonates across the country.

As part of the tour, we created a unique experience for fans to interact with the authentic FBWC Trophy. Designed to unite fans globally, the activation captured fans cheering for their national team to create the world’s largest digital video montage of cheering fans. At the center of the celebration were the fans themselves – making them the stars of the film.

Throughout the whole trophy tour, we visited 33 cities, 25 countries in total. On top of bringing the trophy to iconic landmarks for photo shoots, we identified 16 key cities for a full fan activation – Loudest Cheer. The trophy stayed there for a couple of days to allow time for full-day experiential fan activity. Fans had the opportunity to share their cheering videos online, vote for others, and search for themselves in the world’s largest digital video montage. Cities included Milan, Madrid, New York, Los Angeles, Manila, Seoul, Tokyo, Moscow and eight cities in China.

We created a web-app, allowing fans to record a five-second cheering video to share on the website as well as on their own social media channels, building up noise for the campaign. They could also invite friends and family to vote for their videos to win a ticket to the FIBA World Cup.

In the build-up to the FBWC in China, we designed and oversaw the execution of the eight ‘Houses of Basketball’ pop-up showcases to bring the hype of the World Cup to shopping malls across the country. Packed full of information and experiences surrounding the World Cup, the houses were open for two weeks before the tournaments in each of the host cities and included mini FIBA cheering booths, a FIBA history wall, fan lounge, and interactive activities to engage fans.

Loudest Cheer Video Activation:

– Total videos uploaded: 1,414
– Total votes: 4,764

Trophy Tour: