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At Eaton, the IT professionals often carry lengthy to-do lists, and power quality products are one of many things on it. These folks are also one of the most sought-after buying audiences, yet they are jaded. Traditional sales and marketing tactics don’t work for their B2B lead generation.

In the category of electrical and industrial power management solutions, products are widely available and don’t differ much among competitors. So for a brand like Eaton, they struggle with standing out (holding only 17% market share, with only 39% brand familiarity) – making brand engagement a key metric for success.

Eaton needed to accomplish a few things:

  • Find a way to create urgency while helping IT get ahead of problems before they strike
  • Gain audience attention and engagement
  • Improve their lead gen efforts – while also collecting more accurate customer data


Small and medium size businesses are becoming more and more digitally-reliant,, making the job of their IT pros more challenging than ever before. From resetting passwords to fixing printer jams to addressing cyber security, it’s hard to make time for very important things like disaster preparedness. But they will take time to play addictive digital games, especially the retro arcade kind. Why? It’s an escape from their day-to-day work lives.

Keeping servers running when there’s a power outage or protecting equipment from surges are mission critical IT responsibilities. Yet, too often the need for them only becomes truly apparent when it’s too late, servers are down and equipment is ruined.


The AreYouGone Trail: A fun digital distraction during IT pros’ work days that teaches them serious lessons about the importance of Eaton’s products and solutions.

Using nostalgic, 8-bit retro game mechanics, we simulated the tech calamities IT pros fear, getting them ahead of disaster with Eaton’s products.


AreYouGone Trail is a mobile-first re-interpretation of the cultural icon, Oregon Trail, where IT pros must conquer tech troubles in their quest for independence from the hassles of the modern workplace. Dramatized in old west fashion, those misfortunes were presented by Eaton’s well-known campaign characters – a set of desk toys, representative of those found on IT pros’ desks, that have been scheming new ways to keep IT pros stuck at work to keep them company. The desk toys taunt the IT pro with one question: “Are you gone?”

Broken into snackable chunks to be an accessible diversion in an IT pro’s stressful day, each of the game’s three stages featured an IT need state and matching Eaton solution, presented by a respective desk toy.

  • Level 1 – Collect backup batteries and dodge Bacon Man’s desk toy barrage to power the network.
  • Level 2 – Answer Monkey’s questions and crack the code to activate Eaton’s remote monitoring.
  • Level 3 – Protect the servers from Devil Duck’s power surges to reach the finish line.

Along the trail, IT pros had to use their reflexes, wits and knowledge of Eaton solutions to thwart problems, earn prizes and forge ahead to their destination: nights and weekends without work, away from their desk toys.

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AreYouGone Trail was the most successful campaign in Eaton’s history.

The average user spent 54 minutes engaging with the brand resulting in an 18% lift in brand familiarity and 5,009 leads, which led to a ROI of 1024% and $2.56 million dollars in sales potential.

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