Airbnb Welcome Home: Festival of Hosting

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Hosts are at the heart of everything Airbnb does – providing the listings. And there was a need to bring together its most unique and popular hosts from across Shanghai to celebrate and give them an opportunity to meet.

We were challenged with building brand loyalty and an offline community for the Airbnb brand among its most key assets: its hosts. And introduce Airbnb’s commitment to providing meaningful travel experiences to the Chinese host community.

The Airbnb experience is like no other. You feel that you are part of something big and unique – fostering a sense of community.

Airbnb is showing massive growth in China and understands that it’s their hosts and superhosts that are essential to this. As they own the country’s most desired listings, this event was intended to be an opportunity to show some love from the Airbnb brand, build loyalty, and start an offline conversation between hosts.

We needed to think about creating experiences, opportunities to network, and a rare chance for hosts to share their stories with each other.

We set out to celebrate China’s hosts while fostering the Airbnb spirit of “belonging” and of home and family.

Welcome Home – a giant pop-up Airbnb listing full of ways to make hosts better, make more money and become more loyal to the Airbnb brand.

It was not an event. It was a family gathering.Experience

Over 250 superhosts, hosts, press and influencers took part in a packed program of Airbnb experiences. At Welcome Home, hosts became guests.

We created experiences that would help the hosts in their lives as hosts when they have guests, which included group classes of:

  • Cocktail making
  • Mulled wine making
  • Candle making
  • Vintage house key decorating
  • Photography (to help Hosts take better photos of their listings)

We also created the first ever “Belo Awards” to help emphasize Airbnb’s commitment to its host community and celebrate unique and interesting listings. The awards were not for the listings that had the most guests or were the most expensive. They were to celebrate the individual stories behind the listings and the hosts that go that extra mile for their guests.

The three awards were: Best Co-host (given to a couple), Best Design and Best Hospitality. Award winners had a chance to share their stories with other hosts at the event.

Airbnb set out to add value to its hosts and be more than just a platform – to create a perception that Airbnb is there to help them improve their host services and become better hosts through learning new skills and making them feel part of a wider Airbnb family. They succeeded!

Key objectives focused heavily on brand loyalty and building the image of Airbnb among its hosts – bringing the brand offline.

On-the-spot questionnaires resulted in extraordinary results in terms of effectiveness of the event with high 90% scored across the metrics. And mini-versions of the event rolled out across China in 2018.


  • 100% guests would recommend the event to their friends and other hosts.
  • 96% of guests said they would use the skills they learned at the event inside their property.
  • 97.55% of hosts said “I feel closer with Airbnb” and “I belong with the Airbnb family” or “I’m very proud to be an Airbnb host”.
  • 98.54% of hosts believed the event was helpful in making them become a better host.
  • 96% believe that the event shows that Airbnb listens carefully and values the advice and opinions given by them as hosts.

We also invited three Chinese live stream influencers and selected media, and live-streamed the keynotes, garnering impressive results: