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Today more than ever consumers, investors, (future & current) employees value independent sources when deciding what brands to align with.  Brands that are winning in today’s competitive marketplace carefully consider how they use press and influencers to convey their brand message, their values and launch their products.

Jack creates extraordinary press events throughout the world that cut through the media clutter and differentiate brands and products.  The experiences are relevant and meaningful to the audience inspiring them to share through their channels.

When press events, become true brand experiences your target audience will believe and share your message.  Jack’s strategy and creative teams design bespoke experiences that bring to life a brand’s messaging through thoughtful experience design of every touchpoint, not just the announcement.   Our in house production and logistics teams, ensure flawless delivery and customized experiences ensuring all the audience is talking about, is our target messaging

  • The world’s leading brands in Technology and Automotive trust Jack with launching their most important products around the world.
  • Press events can happen on a stage at a large industry event in front of thousands of people, or in an airstream trailer with an audience of 1; clients trust Jack with both
  • Our work is routinely recognized with industry awards from organizations
Jack deliver’s press events across the globe.  These can happen at industry events like Mobile World Congress or CES, or ground up brand owned events  

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Press & influencer events