What gets us out of bed

Ordinary is good.

It’s good because it’s comfortable. Reliable. Dependable.

To do something ordinary is to do it without thinking.

And that’s the problem with ordinary. Particularly ordinary experiences. They’re forgettable.

So while ordinary may be safe and comfortable in life, it’s deadly for brands. Because brands are built on memories.

And memories are built on powerful, emotional experiences.

You simply can’t make those with the ordinary. It takes something extra.

Something extra-ordinary.

Extraordinary is a greater calling. A calling toward the never been done, and the as-yet unimagined.

It’s also a promise. The promise of something fresh, bold and new. And the promise of having a hand in its creation.

So let’s choose bravery. Let’s choose brilliance. And let’s choose to do it together.

Do something extraordinary.