Jack POV: The best of brand experience at Cannes Lions

Jacques Morton goes to Cannes

At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity—the world’s largest creative gathering and awards program for the marketing communications industry—it was hard not to be dazzled by the creative bravery and innovation on view at every panel and awards ceremony. From VR to film craft to breakthrough integrated campaigns, we saw strategic storytelling, visionary content, and well-executed technology celebrated at every turn. And, ultimately, the common factor across these touchpoints was brand experience.

In our latest white paper, we collected insights from Cannes that focus on specific elements of brand experience, including content, sponsorship, promotional, and event marketing, digital, social, and mobile, and moving image. Read our white paper, and find out:

  • How VR can scale brand experience
  • Why chronic content only gets short-term results
  • How event marketing can expose brands—for the better
  • Why audiences seek purpose-driven brands
  • How creative boldness can drive business results
  • And much more


Read our POV: