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Experts in the tech, content and data fields share their insights on the future of creativity and brand experience.

Brought to you by Genuine X, Jack Morton’s innovation practice. A team helping brands predict and prepare for tomorrow.

Hosted by Martyn Gooding and Tom Fenwick-Smith, produced by Ben Toland.

S1 E1: Is VR Marketing Dead?

In this episode, we catch up with Christophe Mallet, the co-founder and Strategy Director at Somewhere Else: The Immersive Tech Agency. We chat about whether VR marketing has bitten the dust because of 360º video, Millennials seeking a return on experience (ROE) and why Orangina has been giving Christophe nightmares.

Listeners be advised, there is a dash of swearing in this episode.

Hosted by Martyn Gooding and Tom Fenwick-Smith.

S1 E2: Sound is going through a revolution!

This week we speak to Gareth and Jon from MagicBeans about the future of sound.

We discuss the current landscape of the audio world. Could 3D sound be the key to unlocking the brain’s ability to accept the digital world? And what is the deal with ASMR?

Magic Beans are a brand new tech startup born out of the pioneering 3D audio work of its founders Gareth Llewellyn and Jon Olive.
Magic Beans develop innovative creative content and location-based experiences using spatial audio for high-profile brands, immersive theatre productions, and musicians.

Check them out at

S1 E3: The secret behind creating great immersive content

This weeks episode features Jack from VR Craftworks. Jack was very open with us and even shared some of the ingredients that go into VR Craftworks secret source, could understanding human behaviors hold the key to top draw immersive experiences?

Jack tells us how this Brighton based company began as a bunch of geeks in a shed and has bloomed into a full-fat immersive agency which is constantly evolving and adding value by solving business problems.

He also shared a top-notch recommendation for where to get some hot wings. So if you ever find yourselves down in sunny Brighton you know where to go.

S1 E4: Passion and Talent

We’ve all heard the Silicon Valley startup stories, so it’s refreshing to hear one from a different place.

Genuine X is working with the Government’s lnnovate UK initiative to seek out some of the UK’s brightest start-ups who are the potential future of the British tech scene.

Through this process, we met Norfolk locals Ryan and Tim from Viewing Online – a startup who are working with local governments to map the virtual world.
We wanted to get them on the podcast because we were struck by their passion and commitment to create something that could change the world and have an open and honest conversation about what it’s like being a startup without VC funding, driven purely by talent and persistence.

S1 E5: Doers, Makers and Pros

In this episode, Tom and Martyn talk to Stefan Dzisiewski-Smith from Bare Conductive.

Bare Conductive began in 2009. They have developed and grown into one of the elder statesmen of the silicon roundabout scene. Currently bare conductive produces a suite of printed electronics products that enable individuals and companies to integrate electronics directly into the environment with their conductive ink firmly at the centre.

Stefan talks about doers, makers and pros. What’s the difference? How do these different groups approach using Bare Conductive products?
This lead to a discussion on how Bare Conductive has grown as a business, how newcomers and advocates of the product have helped shape the company.

What’s coming up in the future for the Bare Conductive team? Stefan talks about a new Bare Conductive platform which is on the horizon.

For some beautiful examples of their work, check out the Bare Conductive Instagram Account and give them a follow.

S1 E6: Talking textiles and tech

Martyn and Tom met with Myra and Nick from Infi-tex fabrics, through Genuine X’s relationship with Innovate UK. Myra, an angel investor with a history in biochemistry and Nick, an alumni from the Bauhaus who now runs Raw Studios.

In this podcast, we discuss how the chance meeting between an angel investor with an IP and a creative mind has given birth to a company with almost unlimited possibility.

We also discuss how having unlimited possibility is not only an opportunity, but it can also pose as a potential problem. Where do you start when you can find a use case in pretty much all markets for your product?

S1 E7: Working for NASA. The Ultimate Pivot. Featuring Anushka Sharma.

In this episode, Martyn and Tom talk to the founder of Naaut, Co-founder of the London Space Network and NASA Advisor Anushka Sharma.

Anushka or Nush to those who know her is a self-confessed ‘expert generalist’. Her passion for space travel and love for people has led her from working with startups in London’s Silicon Roundabout to become an advisor for NASA in what could be considered to be the ultimate pivot.

Naaut (@naaut_), her latest venture focuses on connecting the right people with innovative technology for our multi-planetary future. (I mean… that’s pretty cool).

Nush also is one of the co-founders of the London Space Network. A group of like-minded people who meet up to chat over a few drinks about how all of us could be working in the space sector.

Also, keep an eye on @nushkino on Twitter for a possible discount code of Cog X 2019, a festival of AI and emerging technology being held between Monday 10th -Wednesday 12th June in London .


Have a look at NASA Frontier Development Labs if you are interested in making the pivot yourself.

Alex Sorina Moss – Canaria

S1 E8: Hacking Emotional Triggers. Featuring Dr James Morgan.

In this episode, Martyn and Tom talk to Dr James Morgan from the University of Westminster. Dr Morgan has been looking at how we can use emotional triggers to develop and enhance live events. Using technology such as facial recognition, we are now able to read emotions in real time allowing us to hack people’s emotions through changing their environment.

S1 E9: Influencing change by hacking the senses. Featuring Kim Arazi.

In this episode, Martyn and Tom talk to Kim Arazi – Founder and CEO of Innosensi. Kim creates bespoke interactive experiences focused on food. Collaborating with artists, chefs, perfumers, sound designers, scientists and tech developers to designed multi-sensory experiences using immersive technology, such as VR, AR and A.I. These experiences are designed to leave lasting impressions and aim to challenge peoples existing perceptions, behaviours and making them more aware of their biases. In this episode, Martyn and Tom speak to Kim about some of her most recent work for the UN, work which hopes to raise awareness about the effects of climate change and educate the disposition makers about sustainability.

S2 E1: Interactive storytelling using AI. Featuring Guy Gadney

Welcome back to the Genuine X Podcast. In this episode Martyn and Tom talk to Guy Gadney – Co-founder and CEO of powers a new way of telling stories, by using artificial intelligence to give audiences the ability to talk to characters, build relationships with them, and have the story itself adapt and react to how audiences play through it. This deepens engagement for audiences and lets them influence the story.

In this episode Martyn and Tom speak to Guy about the future of storytelling and AI’s part to play in it.

You will hear reference to the creative and thought provoking work of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, the interactive psychological thriller which aired on Netflix in 2018. They discuss how shows like this and streaming services like Netflix are creating change in the narrative storytelling space.

We also chat to Guy about the potential effect such bespoke and immersive storytelling can have and whether that leaves an ethical responsibility for the creator to safe guard the user.


S2 E2: Creativity, artificial intelligence and us. Featuring Dr. Shama Rahman.

In this episode, Martyn and Tom talk to Dr. Shama Rahman – A scientist, artist, and creative technologist. We discuss the science behind creativity. How is it measured? Can it be commoditised? And is brainstorming a waste of time?

We also talk about creativity’s unpredictability, and how AI is being used to support lateral thinking and could become the creative partner of the future?


Multidisciplinary Creativity | Shama Rahman | TEDxCibeles-

Books recommended by Shama:

The multi-disciplinary contributions to the science of creative thinking – by Giovanni Emanuele Corazza and Sergio Agnoli (co-author Shama Rahman) Creativity – theories and themes: Research, Development, and Practice – by Mark A. Runeo The neuroscience of musical creativity using complexity tools – Ph.D. thesis by Shama Rahman

S2 E3: AI and the opportunity to support mental-wellness. Featuring Pete Trainor

During Emotional Wellness Month, we invited author Pete Trainor to speak on the Genuine X Podcast.  Pete is, among other things a mental health campaigner, so we thought it fitting that he talks to us about creative and social uses for AI and technology that may help us challenge the problems of mental illness.

Please be aware that while the conversation is centered around AI and technology, some things discussed in the episode refer to topics like suicide and could, therefore, be upsetting for some listeners.

If any of the themes mentioned resonate with you, we would encourage you to reach out and speak to a loved one or someone close to you. Don’t suffer in silence.


More than humanly possible.

Check out this talk given by Pete in 2018 at Interact London – UX and Design conference. In this, he asks the question, ‘what if humans could form more meaningful relationships with machines?’


Books recommended by Pete: