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genuine x podcastS1 E1: Is VR Marketing Dead?

Experts in the tech, content and data fields share their insights on the future of creativity and brand experience. Brought to you by Genuine X, Jack Morton’s innovation practice. A team helping brands predict and prepare for tomorrow. Hosted by Martyn Gooding and Tom Fenwick-Smith.

genuine x podcastS1 E2: Sound is going through a revolution!

This week we speak to Gareth and Jon from MagicBeans about the future of sound.

We discuss the current landscape of the audio world. Could 3D sound be the key to unlocking the brain’s ability to accept the digital world? And what is the deal with ASMR?

Magic Beans are a brand new tech startup born out of the pioneering 3D audio work of its founders Gareth Llewellyn and Jon Olive.
Magic Beans develop innovative creative content and location-based experiences using spatial audio for high-profile brands, immersive theatre productions, and musicians.

Check them out at