GenuineX: Bringing the future of brand experience to market…faster

What is Genuine X?

Data and technology are redefining experiences and transforming people’s relationships with brands. This is truly an exciting time to be in the marketing industry.

To help brands harness the opportunities presented at the intersection of emerging technology, content and data, we’ve created Genuine X — Jack Morton’s innovation practice built on new ways of working and collaborative partnerships. This exciting new global capability has been established to fuel creativity and innovation and push the boundaries of brand experience.

Built as a collaborative initiative for brands, strategic partners and our global staff, Genuine X will work alongside clients to:

  • Anticipate, address and exceed changing audience expectations.
  • Fuel innovative thinking at the intersection of emerging technologies, content and data.
  • Deliver more impactful and measurable results.
  • Enable brands to stay relevant and increase business growth.
  • Co-create solutions that address brand challenges which could result in a new product, service or experience.

Not focused on the technology of today – but that of tomorrow

Genuine X is a living, breathing space, working genuinely in beta and constantly evolving to build, test, grow and release strategic capabilities that will help brands create the experiences of the future.

genuine x event technology

Supported by labs in Boston and London (with more rolling out in 2020), we’ll co-create solutions that address brand challenges, which may result in the development of a new product, service or experience. Whatever the outcome, we’re helping brands deliver greater proof of their brand promise and forge closer connections with their customers.

Listen to the Genuine X Podcast here.

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We’ll work with companies hands-on, to create emerging technology-enabled experiences in a number of ways – conducting workshops on experiential trends, implications and opportunities and developing solutions such as personalized content experiences, responsive environments and more.


The global lead for Genuine X is Damian Ferrar, previously our Executive Creative Director in London. He is supported by a team of strategic, creative and technology experts across such diverse fields such as user experience, creative technology, data analysis, film making, game design and coding. Key members of the team include:

  • APAC Lead, Austin Powers
  • North America Lead, Scott Varland
  • Creative Technology Director, Sebastien Jouhans
  • Creative Director, Martyn Gooding
  • Senior Strategist, Carrie Mahoney
  • Executive Producer, Ali Proctor-Walsh


Genuine X will feature an array of partners. Currently, we’re excited to share that we’re working with three innovative businesses:

  • EMRAYS B.V. – instant emotion analysis service
  • Voicify – voice experience platform
  • Backlight – a French virtual reality studio based in Paris.
  • Immerse UK – the UK government’s immersive technology agency

Stay tuned for more!

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